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Originally Posted by Heretic
The specific formula for this is messy and involves a lot of data look-up, but for practical purposes, assignments give an amount of skill points and other numerics based on the time it takes to complete the assignment, the cost of inputs such as commodities or energy credits, the chance of death or injury to any duty officers put on the assignment, the rarity of the assignment, the specificity of the duty officers required for the assignment, and the difficulty of achieving a successful outcome.

Time works on a diminishing per capita schema, meaning that a 24 hour assignment will reward more numerics than a 12 hour assignment, but the 12 hour assignment will reward more numerics on a per second basis than the 24 hour assignment - that is, it will net you more to run two 12 hour assignments than one 24 hour assignment, but a single 24 hour assignment will still net somewhat more than a 12 hour assignment.

In general, however, rewards from time fall off severely after about a day.
So just to make sure Commendation XP is set the same as Skill Points except set at a reduced rate? So if I get a critical success on a very rare espionage assignment with a chance for critical success at 5% that takes 2 days, then I could get 50 to 100 Espionage XP? While if I succeed in a common 15 minute trade assignment with a success rate at 95%, then I get 1 to 5 Trade XP?