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08-22-2011, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
a little off topic and you may not be able to talk about it yet but how exactly will the auction work? will it be like the exchange is now?
This is, unfortunately, outside my area, so I will leave it to jheinig to comment on if he has time and is at liberty to.

Originally Posted by Bass_Star
Heretic- will there be any time limit on claiming a completed DOFF assignment?

For example, I look at the system of growing crops in a game called We Rule (I guess it's like Farmville, but I've never played that) on iOS. In WR, you grow crops over varying time periods, with varying corresponding rewards, similar to how you're describing this system. But if a crop completes and you don't harvest within an allotted timeperiod, the crop dies and you lose the initial investment.
When an assignment is completed, it stays in that state for however long until you get the report on it. Until you get the report on it, the inputs, including duty officers on that assignment, are tied up.

Originally Posted by Valias
There will (possibly) even be assignments aimed at specific species? This whole thing sounds better the more you are talking about it.

Will we also be able to send BOs on assignments, by the way? Or will they be limited to the role of Department Heads?
By aimed at different species, do you mean, for example, Andorian or Orion themed assignments? Or assignments for Andorian and Orion players? The latter does not happen in the current system; the former does to a limited extent, and may well go more in that direction as time goes on.

As for bridge officers, no, bridge officers cannot be sent on assignments. This was investigated early on, but was determined to be sufficiently problematic technically as to not be feasible for this iteration of the system.

Originally Posted by Aisling
Heretic, how is it you can answer everyone else, but dont comment on mine? >.> :p
Lately, you have developed a gift for having questions I unfortunately can't address for various reasons. I have definitely been reading them.

For example, there is no way in a million years I am going to add fuel to an argument between Federation players who want Orion duty officers and Orion player captains and KDF players who want Orions to stay exclusive to the KDF. I have some sense of self-preservation...

Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
So just to make sure Commendation XP is set the same as Skill Points except set at a reduced rate? So if I get a critical success on a very rare espionage assignment with a chance for critical success at 5% that takes 2 days, then I could get 50 to 100 Espionage XP? While if I succeed in a common 15 minute trade assignment with a success rate at 95%, then I get 1 to 5 Trade XP?
Commendation XP scaling is very different than skill points because commendation points have nothing to do with your player level, whereas skill points do. In addition, for unavoidable reasons of current scaling, DXP will remain on a different scaling schema than the rest of the commendation category points.

Originally Posted by Body_Surfer
Concerning the Department Head addition to the DOff system I was wondering if we could get some clarification on something in the Engineering Report.

Does this really mean we may be able to create a playable captain and turn them into a 1st officer for another playable captain or am I reading too much into this?
This has certainly been discussed, but is something that has not even been whiteboarded yet. Until that happens, it's in the category of "would like to have" but having unknown technical or design ramifications.