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08-22-2011, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
By aimed at different species, do you mean, for example, Andorian or Orion themed assignments? Or assignments for Andorian and Orion players? The latter does not happen in the current system; the former does to a limited extent, and may well go more in that direction as time goes on.
The former. I fully realize that the game poses some restrictions on species-specific things in that it is still set up to sport *two* factions, even in cases where individual species that are considered part of the larger group may have potential for much more.

That said, I suppose most such assignments may be explained as "available" to other player species even if they seem tailored more to one or few specific races. For example, a smuggling run or piracy may be seen as something Orion first but are perfectly "justifiable" for other KDF Captains as well (Nausicaan mercenaries, down-on-luck Klingons, etc), and it may be up to the individual player to decide if his or her character would endeavour on such paths or not.

This of course would be based on whether or not the KDF and Starfleet will sport a few different possible assignments each? Or was this what you implied when referring to player species?

I'm just assuming that the KDF will have some different options now because I've seen an "Execute" button in the Klingon UI and I doubt this would be something that'd be available to Starfleet players. Anything beyond a basic level of diversity between factions (meaning diversity based on player species) would be super-cool, but not something that could be expected. I'm very positively surprised that the system may favor specific duty officer species already! I think this may even be more important than the other way around, after all it's the duty officers that get sent on the mission, not the Captain.
If you ever do tweak the system more towards one player species or another, I think all you'd need to do was to modify the chances that certain assignments may pop up.

Oh and kudos for being so active here and answering all our inquiries. As you can see, we're all very excited about this.

Originally Posted by Aisling
Orions arent exclusive to the KDF though. Not since Diplomacy was added to the game. Issylt is 300something points from rescuing an Orion girl from the clutches of... some... thing.
And that is still a point of contention for some players... :p