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08-22-2011, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
There are some genesplicing tribble assignments (and I have been working to come up with ideas for other uses for tribbles) that change a tribble to a random other tribble of the same tier. We have talked about coming up with a new tribble for the system as well, but that's very drawing board-ish at the moment.
Will the KDF be getting tribble genesplicing missions in any capacity?

It makes sense (at least to me) that some Kliingons (particularly scientists) could look past their utter hatred for tribbles, and might be interested in vivisecting a few of them to see what makes them tick, and to see if they can't stop the blasted things from breeding endlessly; a gene sequence they could turn off. What a glorious hero of the empire they'd be if they managed that!

Failure of the assignment could easily see the death of the doffs sent on the assignment via 'suffocation by endless tribble reproduction' (that did almost happen to Kirk :p), success could just be that they have found out a few more things about the tribble genome that giveshints as to how they have their amazing reproduction powers.

Other Klingons could be interested in splicing, for example, targ genes with tribble genes to make a Tribble Predator, that they could then seed on tribble-infested worlds to cull them, freeing themselves up to engage in glorious battle.