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08-22-2011, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by IronScarlet
If you spec with consoles for CPB3 u would get those numbers, but you do more shield drain per sec with spec into deflector dish consoles. Tach beam is up faster and more often than CPB. Also you can raise the skill of Tach beam higher because of certain deflectors.
My deflector as fra as I know is the highest skill in 30x deflector and 34xdeflector dish that 64 skill for your tach beam find me that for CPB in astrometrics, it dosent exists.

I found out surv is real important for shield strippers people dont like them after they see what happend to their shields. Had mikey heal me the other day in C&H, and I got to finally just drain people, dam it was fun 700k 1mil damage in a 30 min fight, I feel bad for these escort, I drain them 2 torp in there side they run for bloody murder, and have to listen to mikeys runner rants lol.

Its all about living to get there shields down then u can pop them in 2-3 torps.
this is how i got tachbeam3 up that high on the intrepid as well....a nice def, def dish boosting deflector, 4 collimators. with sciteam3 and sci fleet boosting it i had the per tic up into the 600+ range.

but now testing tachbeam3 on the mvae with target shields3. both are boosted by science team. fun fun. and you can run high aux and shields for a bit to get the most out of a HE or TSS....add in the slight thought of aux2stuct1 instead of epts2 or rsp and you got one quirky little ship idea. glad i finally put my sci officer in one.

see you on the battlefield.