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08-22-2011, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by BobO369 View Post
I like the 15Km range but donít forget that the javelin needs to power up thru weapon hits. So you would need to extend the range of other weapons to really make this viable and I don't see that happening.

That said the other suggestions look good:

1) Increase the turn rate while in siege mode.
2) Increase the shield regeneration rate while in siege mode.
3) Increase the damage of the javelin.
4) Allow all weapons to fire when the javelin is firing.

Here are my own suggestions.

1) Give the javelin a 30% shield penetration ability that will do direct damage to the hull.
2) Give the ship a 15% resistant buff to both energy and kinetic damage when in siege mode.
3) Remove the ridiculously long delay in firing the javelin.
So an uber buff. While I think it needs to be looked at doing what you proposed would make it unbalanced...on that note cryptic just may do it.