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08-22-2011, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by Aisling
Doesnt matter, its still canon. If it was in a book, I could see it being in dispute, but movies and tv are official. Besides, if CBS didnt want Orions available to the feds, I think they would have said something when Cryptic made them available to to us through Diplomacy. ^_^
I really don't want to derail the Doff discussion here. So, I'll put it this way: There are 2 "main" ST realities at present (it could be argued the mirror universe is a 3rd, but we'll save that for another day). Current "prime" with the destruction of the Hobus star (Romulus' home system) - in which Vulcan still exists. (This timeframe is the the ancestor (by 40 years) of the current one STO uses.) The other ST reality now is the one in which Nero travels back and interferes with the Federation timeline leading to the most recent Star Trek movie.

So, at present, STO is obeying current ST prime universe logic. While nothing has officially ever disavowed the logic of having Orions in Starfleet, it has never been canonically established in the 'prime' universe. I can understand STO wanting to walk that tightrope and erring on the side of what is established, and later embellished upon, in the prime universe.