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08-22-2011, 03:17 PM
While leveling my two low level toons, I noticed quite a few V.A. come swooping in and blowing everything up then just simply move on to a new area without giving a moments' pause. Happened twice in one map actually so I followed the guy the last time straight to a flagship he had targeted. I waited until his torpedos dropped the shields then I tractored the flagship, fired my readied subsystem shield targetting and my high yield torps. Creamed the flaship's remaining 3/4 hull, got looting rights and looted before the guy's 2nd wave of torpedos came crashing into the destroyed flaship's hull.. I then switched instances and didn't see him again.

On the flip side, I also had quite a few higher level players come in to my aid several times when I drew too much aggro from ships and save my butt several times with shield transfer and other science/engineer heals and buffs. Those were much welcomed indeed.

This latter is how I usually always am when I am on my V.A. in such situations. I will usually always stay by myself and only intervene if I see a player is getting close to being in a precarious situation. If they're really outnumbered, I'll destroy a few of the ships they hadn't attacked yet and keep their shields healed then let them finish off the rest.

I'd like to see VA instance versions of the enemy contacts, like how we have the VA B'Tran cluster. This could help to keep VA's from interfering with lower levels but still allow those who want to enter them to do so, for whatever reason.