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08-22-2011, 04:08 PM
Well, in my opinion, the ships in the C-Store aren't the "best" ships in the game. All the ships in the C-Store can be bought in-game. Through emblems. Although it will take you a long time to get 500 emblems, and I wouldn't spend all that time and spend it on a ship. The only ship in the C-Store that is even worth considering is the Excelsior Retrofit. Otherwise, you can choose a retrofit once you reach Vice Admiral.

All the ships that are RA level, and VA level are all considered tier 5. Meaning that they are all the great, just different. They all have different traits. I see lots of VA's flying around in the fleet escort, or the Deep Space Science Vessel, or even the Excelsior Retrofit, which are all considered to be RA lvl. They are all great ships, same lvl, just different. Just find the one you like best, and go for it. And don't let people think that you have to fly the ship that is in your profession. Like tacs in escorts, sci in science vessels, & eng in cruisers. I put my Eng in the Science Retrofit and it works great. It all depends on your play style. Some fly a ship just because they like the way it looks. So my advice is for you to find the ship that you like the best, and go for it. (Scroll to the bottom and you can click on specific ships, and compare them, and find the one that you like best.)