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08-22-2011, 04:26 PM
The current PvP queues are inefficient due to enforcing minimum player quotas without accounting for current user traffic, thereby creating unnecessary waiting periods when players could actually be playing. As suggested above, why not just start matches with 4 players per team, then allow additional players to join in matched numbers per side?

Here are some queue-based ideas other pvp games have used successfully:

1) show a fixed count-down timer for pvp match start times (typically 15-20 min). Start match early if required player counts are met, then allow late joiners to hop in while maintaining even teams. Otherwise, start the match regardless of how many are queued, keeping player counts identical per side.

2) Limit matches to 20 minutes max (or other reasonable time frame) to prevent indefinite "kill farming" in lop-sided matches

3) Reward the winning side random rewards like data samples or even exclusive pvp-only drops. The latter will keep avid pvp'ers coming back for more.

4) enforce 15 minute time-out penalties for pvp desertion and AFK'ers. Such players cannot re-queue until their time-out flag expires. This flag persists through log-outs.

5) shorten idle-time auto-kick from PVP matches to 2 minutes.

I've seen the above work wonders in other games. Perhaps STO can try a few of these standard practices?