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08-22-2011, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by Adrian_Rain
So, I wrote up the mission and blocked everything out. Test played it several times and did the editing I could find, but now I can't publish it because I'm getting an error messege that says "First transition to a custom map has to specify a door"

But the mission starts in space.....what is this thing talking about?
Did you specify a Star System somewhere in one of the Sector Blocks (or one of the 'Doors' available on ESD, DS9, etc.)?

basically you need to have an in game starting system that the player travels to - where he/she will see a button pop up to zone into/load the first map of y9ur mission. (And if you playtested you mission by just previewing the first map; and going thriough it all from that point - you'll never see the error.

If you have selected a 'system door' - and tested everything using the 'Play Mission' button from the 'Story' screen - and it all worked fine; I don't know what to tell you.

You could try deleting the:

<Install Drive>\<path>\Cryptic\STO\Live\Data folder (and ONLY the' Data' folder and nothing else); then get back into the Foundry, re-load your mission and try to publish again and see what happens (the data folder containg some Foiundry temp files and directories that can sometimes cause issues.)