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08-22-2011, 09:09 PM
I have both the Gal X and the Goomba, and the Gal X makes up for that by having far more survivability.

Turn rate and speed is everything for an escort. This is why siege mode sucks. I mean even science ships out turn it. Any opposing escort now has a nearly immobile squishy target, why would anyone want to go into seige mode?

At the very least, and this is all anyone ive talked to has asked for - can seige mode (as well as the varanus drones, marauder interceptors and Brel cloak) at least be an optional console similar to the MVAM and Rhode Island? This would be very nice for the short run to cut down on spam and at least give Klingons ships that are on par with the Fed versions. If you want to have fun with siege mode (even if its not great, it can be fun for laughs) you can put the console in. If you dont, you can put something in the lost eng console.