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08-22-2011, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
We will be significantly reducing the amount of time it takes the Guramba to charge and fire its siege weapon. Additional changes may be considered in the future once we see how that goes.
Nice something is possibly happening, although i believe its not enough.
Go look at the mvam movement stats and tell me how is thing even supposed to come close to matching that ship? both are 2000 cstore point escorts. 1 is full of win, the other is full of fail.

Perhaps actually balancing the ship before its released, instead of like 6+ months down the track just like the vanarus and the brel and almost every other kdf ship.

While MVAM / intrepids and most federation ships get released being awesome sauce from day 1, KDF ships get released being totally underpowered, then have to wait 6 months to be giving the slightest of buffs, while the devs wait for the cry of the federation pug majority that whines and then they nerf the ship back into being crap again (carriers anyone ?)

Yet when the players who actually care about PVP balance, post how the MVAM is overpowered vs all other escorts, in tribble feedback threads and pvp forums, nothing is done.

Blatant double standards exist when it comes to federation and klingon ships, that any PVP player that plays both factions can see. If you still are unsure what im talking about then you may read my post here which outlines some of the ship imbalances between the factions.