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08-22-2011, 10:59 PM
Short Term:
I'd like to see options for ground always being in shooter mode. I like the toggle but would't mind starting any ground section in shooter mode. Also, it would be nice if toggling shooter mode didn't immediately draw my phaser.

Option to turn of warp trails.

Mid Term:
An elimination to sector barriers. Would love it if all of space was seamless. Less load screens the better imo.

Introduction of the Romulan Faction along with the KDF having equal content as the Feds. Also an end to the war.

Long Term:
A complete revamp of traveling, exploration and the Death Penalty. Uncharted sectors could be removed and be replaced with random anomalies in regular space. These anomalies could be a new planet, uncharted stars, black holes, anything really. These would serve as your exploration and possibly diplomacy too.

Warp drive as an option like full impulse. Instead of always being at warp in sector space, make it like full impulse mode only with a control over the speed. Also an increase in the size of space. Space feels small.

Hostile encounters could be handled differently as well. Instead of loading an instance, they would attack in your journey. You could run into them when investigating anomalies, aiding planets or just on route somewhere. An encounter could drop you out of warp. Similar to now only without instancing. In this way, you could hail for help and it would pop up as a mission for nearby vessels. They would then see a marker on the map as to your location. Those who help you could earn some type of marks and/or accolades.

More Star Bases and a change in the Death Penalty. Maybe make it a little harsher. Take out or limit the amount of major and critical components you can hold. Maybe making major and critical repairs to the ship only available at star bases or hub worlds. Same with ground combat. Keep the ability to hold minor things but anything major or critical would require a trip to your sick bay. Even that supply could be limited in number and could be resupplied automatically at a Star Base.