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08-23-2011, 01:02 AM
Ty for all, my new ship build is like this:

- fore weapons -
phaser dual beam bank
phaser dual heavy cannons (x3)

- aft weapons -
phaser turret (x3)

- shields -
reman shield (i'll put the covariant cap x3 of the station k7)

- deflector -
assimilated graviton

- impulse -

assimilated subtranswarp

- device -

engine battery
subspace field modulator

- engineering consoles -
rcs accelerator or +35% shield (i'm a bit confused here, shield or manovrability? i'm also thinking for a +7 engine power or shield power)
eps flow regulator

- science consoles -
multi vector assoult mode
halon system
assimilated module

- tactical consoles -

phaser relay (x4)

for boff skills i've:

- ensign tactical -
target engines I

- lieutenant tactical -

tact. team I
attack pattern beta I

- commander tactical -

tactical team I
attack pattern beta I
rapid fire II
rapid fire III

- lieutenant engineering -

emergency power to shield I
aux. power to structural field I

- lt. commander science -
hazard emitters I
transfer shield strenght II
photonic shockwave I

whit ships power levels like this:
weap: 124
shield: 59
engines: 60
aux: 53