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Ok, trying to figure out how the pre-orders work over here. Coming from CoH and ****, when I added pre-order keys that had items bound to the keys, once you activated the key you would get the pre-order item attached to your account.

Is that the way things are done here?

I was told by one person that I needed to have the full version of the game from the location I pre-ordered to get access to the pre-order items, but another person said that as long as I had the pre-order keys on my account, activating any copy of STO would put the items into my c-store to claim.

Back when this was about to hit closed beta, I bought the pre-orders from Target and Gamestop because I wanted the special unlocks tied to the pre-order.

I applied the pre-order codes to my master account but never bought the full version of the game since the computer I was using, at that time, wasn't allowing STO beta to run correctly.

Flash forward to now... I just bought the game and I've still got the pre-order codes tied to my account but when I go to the special unlocks in the ingame c-store, the only thing I have listed is the Tribble from the giveaway from the recent Alienware promotion.

Did they do away with assigning pre-order goodies even if the serial was applied to the account during beta? I contacted support (think it's still Atari support) with this exact issue and was told they needed more info, but that's about all the info i really have to give.

If anyone knows what I should do, besides plead with CS, please feel free to tell me.