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08-23-2011, 06:31 AM
Firstly, I'd recommend a read of a skillpoint spending guide, because this relates immediately to BOff power effectiveness.

Secondly, due to the options available to Star Cruiser BOff layouts, you can take it many multiple ways. I have seen successfull Aux-to-Dampener cruisers that turn on a dime on demand, to hard-as-nails tankers, to even sneak-killers via Directed Energy Modulation.

For example:
- Emergency Power to Engines for the initial speed boost and Eject Warp Plasma, laying down a stream of burning death. Time this right and you could catch a majority of the enemy, burning and slowed down.

- Beam: Fire at Will with Directed Energy Modulation to quickly whittle down targets through shields

- Emergency Power to Auxiliary and Aux to Structural Integrity Field for a suddenly hardened and repaired hull

- Aceton Field on its own is a great target debuff that shoots a lot (like escorts)

- Emergency Power to Shields and Extend Shields allows you to boost your shield power and then share that shield with a friendly target

Take time to read on what each power can do, and think ahead on combining them for the effect/s you want to cause on the battlefield. Always a good place is, so might as well bookmark it.