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08-23-2011, 07:06 AM
Originally Posted by Bohort View Post
couple of things; first how can you have pre-order items without actually having the 'full game' seeing as that's what should have been pre-ordered

second, what is under your activated features on your account page? not everything will show up but you should have something like;

Activated Features

Star Trek Online - Preorder
Star Trek Online - In game items

if you have put the keys in, if you do and the items arnt on your special unlocks c-store page then submit a billing ticket.
Well, for the pre-order, I got the pre-orders and never went back to purchase the full game. At Target, you could buy the pre-order box for $0.99 then when the game was available, bring the receipt in for $10.00 off the full version. When I found my beta unplayable, I got the refund on the full version from Gamestop.

But, I kinda figured out my issue:

I hadn't applied my serial from the version I just bought. Was still using the Alienware promo code. I just applied the Steam Digital Download code and it unlocked the Steam pre-order for me.

So, i guess I only needed the pre-order from one store and any full version serial I add from different retailers unlocks that retailers pre-order? I just bought the Collector's Edition from Amazon, so will I also get their pre-order as a claimable item in the c-store?