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08-23-2011, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by Chanfron View Post
Yes, I have preordered the collectors version and the Demo was released yesterday to all members of the Honor Guard (name of the forums on the SM website).

It is awesome, loads of gore and violence, hacking up orks with a chainsword or power axe is sweet, bolter sound effects could go with some more oomph though.

Game looks great and you get a good impression of walking around as a huge marine in power armour, jump pack is great.
the demo was released on the 18th i remember coz it was the best b-day present ever
saddly it won't download to my computer >=|
i'm trying to decide if i want it for console or on pc,
originally i was going to get it for pc coz i get darksiders for free on steam
but now i'm thinking it might play better on a console =/
i unno D:
have you played it? i'm guessing you has
how does it play?
does it play kinda like fallout 3? or halo? or does it play more like assassins creed?
fps/fprpg games = good on pc =D
none-fps rpg= still fun, but better on console =/

also does anybody know a good spot to get some magnets for my nids?