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08-23-2011, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
Only because they don't know better. It is not at all uncommon for 1v1's to take exceedingly long times, because it is (or should be) rather difficult to kill another ship solo.

Any pair of relatively even matched players in any class ship will end up in the longest PvP match they have ever experienced.

It is tedious, it is tiresome, it is extremely boring.
Personal game play preferences should not be mistaken for lack of experience. :p
Yes, 1vs1 pvp can degenerate into stalemates when two engineer opponents employ zombie cruiser builds focused on defense and nothing else. 1vs1 can also evolve into a real-time 3d chess match depending on individual player builds, gear, and BO skills loaded. The later is more mental excercise and less instant gratification. Either way, like chess, intelligent 1vs1 pvp isn't for everyone. However, it is a fine method of helping players tune their individual ships and skills without waiting 30+ minutes for a PUG vs Prebuilt slaughterfest that seems to be getting more frequent.

Honestly, Prebuilt teams should have a separate queue onto themselves.