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08-23-2011, 12:19 PM
I know, I know...there's been a billion other threads about this ship.

I'd just love to know what Cryptic plans on doing with a ship that's it had a model out for since day one of the game, and that the Terran Empire seems to still use against us regulalry even though it's a Federation Starship design as well.

With the Flagship Enterprise-F (and being an entirely new class), this is just making me grate my teeth that Starfleet hasn't given access to the Typhoon to Captains yet. (RP-wise). Game mechanics wise, there's got to be something it can do, as it's programmed into the Terran side already and ust have some generic stats that we can ponder over and get modified into a player-useable ship.

So, basically: A ship we've had in game for a long time, no new development needed on that end...just put some damn stats on it, slots (universal?), and let's roll with it already. All these new gimmick lower tier ships, and not a thing done with an already in-game hull.

Apologies, not a rant. Just more of a shrugging of my shoulders and scratching my head in 'duh, what's going on?'