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# 1 Loot Needed for Hiests
08-23-2011, 02:06 PM
My Orion captain is a mercenary and sometimes pirate. But there are NO pirate missions. I havent even seen any in the explore cluters. So I had this rather spectacular daydream this morning at work (my job is rather boring, my mind wanders lol).

I wanted to basically make up some missions where Jes goes and robs this or that, holds a colony for ransom or whatever. Basic piratey stuff. But then you cant set up any sort of loot so that you could feel properly a pirate at the end of the mission.

I know why Cryptic wouldnt allow this, but I think this might be doable:

Allow us to have ONE clickable object per mission. The "loot box" we shall call it, contains only crafting mats. It gives out only 5 mats at random level appropriate, or one rare anomaly. And then the mission could only be done once a day.

While this wouldnt be as epic as say, getting rewarded ONE MEELLION CREDITS /austing powers, I would be happy with it.