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Lately, I've been reviewing and playing the numerous Foundry missions available. As suspected, there are true gems (some rivaling even Dev created content) as well as those.....less playable.

I always try to leave a fair and objective review for every mission I play, though I wish I could actually use the entire review box instead of being limited to about 1/2 of it. I'd also like to give a hearty "Bravo" to those who spend their free time attempting to create an unique and enjoyable work of art for the rest of us to enjoy.

Lastly, as a reviewer, I'd like to comment on the following:

Mission Tracker - Please (Pretty Please) put directions/objectives in the mission tracker. Most STO users are conditioned to use the tracker to see where to go and what to do. Please, as a minimum...Sector and System.

Spelling and Grammar - I am guilty of poor spelling and grammar just as much as anyone else. However, these tiny details can obscure otherwise excellent content/design.

Story Hook - Story Hooks are critical to get people to play your mission. However, they must also be logical (as logical as can for Science Fiction). In one mission, I had to beam aboard another Federation ship to find a Klingon (yes he was a Klingon) spy. Why? It's a science vessel...can't their crew do the search? What about internal sensors? What about Security?

Dialogue - Dialogue is tough. Some prefer a lot of dialogue, while others prefer "gunboat diplomacy". On a personal note, as long as dialogue flows smoothly and is relevant I'm ok. Read dialogue out lout word for word to see if it flows smoothly and makes sense. Reading through additional dialogue that supports a story as a choice is a winner as well.