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# 1 Difference SS1/2 - SS3?
08-23-2011, 04:25 PM
The PVP matches really got better since FAW got fixed and all the players started abstaining from SS. Some premades started using SS 2 again cause its in the rules.
"Its in the tourney rules" is the argument i always get when i ask people, why they think using SS2 is ok.
I dont think thats a good argument after all. What comes next is this "Evasive Failure/Missfire" argument. Does convince me neither. I had an Evasive Failure by a SS 1 yesterday. (btw i dont believe a skill is coded different on each level). The target jump can also be totaly sick on SS 2.

So what makes so many people think, that SS 2 is still ok? I tend to think, thats just because they didnt have to deal with more than 1 scramble in the last weeks. Run into a group with 2 SS 2 and tell me, what makes SS 2 not op while SS 3 is.