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# 1 Rigellian Tac Traits?
08-23-2011, 04:27 PM
With the sale on, I finally got around to buying my Rigellian captain... decided I'm gonna go Tactical and fly Escorts with him.

He has to have the Spirit Walk trait (best trait name in the game, by the way), and I'm thinking going two space/two ground to balance it out so...

Warp Theorist


Given Spirit Walk is a self heal/damage resistance buff, figured I might as well make him a bit of a tanking type on the ground. Should I take Aggressive for the additional threat build-up, or something like Resilient or Peak Health in order to make him even harder to kill and just try to generate tons of aggro without the trait? OR, is there anyway to make him a little more inclined even to be a sorta off-tanking DPS type on the ground?

Traits, after all this time, still leave me thinking way too much. Maybe if it wasn't a permanent choice...