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08-23-2011, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Iceroid View Post
The best part is when a F[censored]s fleet team rolls around with their FOUR (or is it 5?) COPIES OF SCRAMBLE... plus all the other spam that comes with having 3 sci ships, an mvam, and 4 sci captains.
Originally Posted by Iceroid View Post
thats a bunch of bull... our entire team was permascrambled in every match against you guys... and we were well spread out too.
Since you're pointing fingers, I could say the same thing in those matches about your fleet Iceroid. I was getting hit by scramble sensors 3, every minute like clock work:

My whole team had scramble on us most of those matches - often multiple copies:

And no we werent running 4 copies of scramble. We had at most 3 sci ships / sci captains, at any time in those matches (again see screen shots), only our sci's had a copy, and no-one's carrying multiple copies. I can see why you guys might have thought there were more.

Here's a hint - try waiting till your scrambled, and try scrambling an enemy near your team-mates...

Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
"Its in the tourney rules" is the argument i always get when i ask people, why they think using SS2 is ok.
I dont think thats a good argument after all. What comes next is this "Evasive Failure/Missfire" argument. Does convince me neither. I had an Evasive Failure by a SS 1 yesterday. (btw i dont believe a skill is coded different on each level). The target jump can also be totaly sick on SS 2.
In answer to the OP's question, I agree from experience, Scramble 1,2 and 3 all have the potential to cause the same behaviour - ie. evasive failure. and target switching. I've tested repeatedly that evasive can fail when mere Scramble 1 is fired - as for whether that's a bug or intended, that' really up to the devs to confirm.

In short, Scramble 3 is no more OP than Scramble 1 or 2. Those players in the pvp community who want Scramble 3 banned from your tourneys, should be consistent about it at least, and stop using Scramble of any level altogether.