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08-24-2011, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by sleepymarine View Post
If anything, the Soyuz (TNG w/ sensor masts and hull extension) should be a SCI-leaning version of the Miranda (according to soft canon the Soyuz was a Border Patrol Vessel meant to intercept smugglers and pirates thus all the sensor masts)
and the Saratoga (DS9 version w/ side mounted BFGs)should be a TAC variant

I would love to see the Excalibur (T2 Cruiser) Nacelles made available as an option for the Miranda/Centaur/ShiKahr
Originally Posted by Jarnin View Post
It might make a cool TOS addition, with an original TOS model and a retrofit variant skin available in the C-Store.
I agree whole heartily on adding more ship part customization options!