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# 7 "Hidden Intelligence" By Bazag
08-24-2011, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by Bazag
"Hidden Intelligence" By Bazag
TITLE : Hidden Intelligence
AUTHOR : Bazag
LEVEL : Any Level
LOCATION : Starts at Memory Alpha, goes to JFS47 System in Pi Canis Sector block
LENGTH : 30 minutes or so
TAGS : Federation, Diplomatic, Puzzle, Ground
DESCRIPTION : Scientists at Memory Alpha need some help. A substance has been discovered to have a basic level of intelligence. The only problem is that they have no way to asses it's true level of intelligence. You have been tasked to retrace the steps of the recovering party in the hopes that it would provide a test of intelligence in a real world environment and discover more about it's origin.
SYNOPSIS: Escort a VIP Blob to it's place of origin to hopefully find another blob. Known to the StarbaseUGC community as the space poo. I just hope it doesn't have a relation to that of which appears in the TV show South Park.
ANALYSIS: Still needs allot of polish towards directing the player. At times I was very lost and didn't know where the mission concluded from. Puzzles were scary at first, but once you figure out the equation of them, they are relatively easy. Loved the fact that you can't advance in the story unless you have been paying attention to the plot line and popups. Bob is so funny I was nearly crying with laughter in parts. I hope this isn't the conclusion to bob. This mission had allot more potential, however I enjoyed it as one of those less serious Trek episodes.
PROS: One of the funniest missions I've played. Great interactive puzzles. Excellent map design. Brilliant interaction with mission characters including an imaginary one.
CONS: The mission doesn't stand on it's own without playing the prequel. Pointless sector space travel. Mission direction in dialog was not highlighted and offend over looked while comprehending the text. Quest line was offend not supportive to the game play due to it's format.
VERDICT: Bazag is an amazing author. Some spelling and punctuation errors and little direction towards objectives do not hinder on the enjoyment of this mission. Any fans of BOB will love this new edition to Bazag's growing portfolio of well executed missions.

TREK 2.5
THOUGHTS: If you love Bob, then you will love this. Designed for more experienced Foundry players. Will definitely have you in stitches. I want a bob Plush toy.

This might need a Critical Analysis if you get similar feedback from others.