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08-24-2011, 02:21 AM
Keep in mind that three more sets are on the way - well six sets, but three are ground - the need to choose between sets may come back soon™

And.. I still choose to run with "normal" gear on my Tac TBR boat (Reman shield, Hyper x2 spd, Rare MK XII Deflector with some hefty Emitter and Tractor bonus.

My Kar'fi runs with a Reman shield as well (simply because it looks awesome)

So.. Now people chose between Borg shield, Aegis Shield, Breen Shield ,Cov x3 shield or Reman Shield

Before, 99% of all players used either a Cov x3 or a Cov x2

Before, nearly everyone was using Hyperimpulse with Turn or Spd mods

Deflectors are still a important choice for anyone using Sci powers, as the 3 set Deflectors isnt specialized.