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08-24-2011, 05:20 AM
[quote=Stressfaktor]Really ? Can you explain me why my unskilled ss II lasts 22 seconds without sensor probe consoles? All lvls of ss are broken, skilled or not.
Of course, I can. It is because - oh my good, is that an assimilated flying cow over there?

*runs and hides*

Originally Posted by Advanced Scramble Sensors Dialog
First officer : "Captain we have an plasma leak on deck 12"
Captain : "Send a engineering team to that deck and fix it"
First officer : "Sorry Captain i beamed our team to a chroniton mine because our sensors where scrambled"
Captain : " WTF... We need to get out of here - Evasive Maneuvers"
Helm: "Aye Sir..."
Captain: "Why are we not moving, Lieutenant?!"
Helm: "Err.. Sorry...All those pretty lights from the scrambled sensors! I forget to disengage the space brakes."
Captain: *facepalm*

The effect of ss is just stupid make it to an aoe jam sensors and it will be balanced.
I like this idea actually.
Maybe it oculd also work if Jam Sensors and Scramble Sensors had opposite effects?
Or at least make it fragile perhaps? Or just change the entire effect. Stop with the target-jumping for players. Just make it a -20-50 % damage penalty and healing penalty. NPCs can still shoot at each other when scrambled, I don't mind.
Or if the Sensor Probe was targetable like a heavy torpedo?