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08-24-2011, 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by Stromgold View Post
My main toon is sci, flying a RSV, and I have always thought of scramble as a cheap trick in PvP. I have never used it in a pvp match for that reason. (although I have used it on an alternate boff for pve)

I 100% agree that SS needs to be re-worked in some form to make it less effective. Maybe it could be treated like shockwave was.. ie: once you are scrambled, then you have an immunity to being scrambled again for a certain amount of time.
A problem of the current Scramble is that it lasts very long. I think under this circumstances, temporary immunities don't work as well.

Here is another approach without using a heal or damage debuff.

Scramble Sensors
Skills: Starship Operations, Starship Sensors, Starship Sensor Probes
System Cooldown: 15 Sensor Probes
Recharge: 30 seconds
Global Cooldown: 20 seconds
Scramble Sensors creates a projectile that targets an enemy in a 180 forward arc and explodes at the target's location at the time of the launch. All hostile ships within a radius X are scrambled for Y seconds.

When first scrambled, the target immediately switches its current target to a random target. While scrambled, all other contacts are treated as hostile. When the Scramble duration expires, the target is immune to a new Scramble Effect for 15 seconds (clearing all still lasting scramble effects.)

X ranges from 3-6 km, based on the following formula (capped at 6 km)
X = 2 + (Auxillary Power / 100) + RANK) km.
Y ranges from 5-10 seconds (hard capped at 10 km), based on the following formula
Y = 4 + (RANK) + (Skill Rating / 100) + (Auxillary Power / 100) seconds.

This means Scramble Sensors can be used more often, but it lasts a lot shorter. Also, the target hopping happens exactly _once_, in the beginning, and that is it.