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08-24-2011, 08:00 AM
Originally Posted by Chanfron View Post
The Demo on the 18th was for steam pre orders only, the demo on the 23rd was for members of the Honor Guard(members of the space marine website forums), the HG demo is still downloaded on steam so it is probably the same.

I don't have an XB360 or PS3, I am PC gamer only so cannot comment if it is better on console or not, since it was going to be console only the control's are probably designed for a controller but it plays fine with a keyb/mouse.

Aiming will be a lot easier with a mouse than a controller.

Not played assassins creed, kinda like Fallout 3 but no huge map to explore, its follow the path and kill all the enemy, feels more like mass effect 2 to me for the shooting but with melee combat.
yeah the shooting i don't mind but the melee combat thing is what i'm thinking of, is it just a 1 button melee attack? or is it like this button does this, this button does this, this button does this, etc etc etc ?

beh i just downloaded the demo last night before bed, i test it out myself o3o