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08-24-2011, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by Captmack
cloaking sucks now even when you are cloaked they the enemy can still detect you which defeats the whole point of a cloak

but fractions are fractions so ill say no more
Enemy ships have always been able to detect cloaked ships. Its based on Auxiliary power settings and range.

A vessel with high aux power will see a cloaked ship with low aux power from around 5-10m away. Likewise a ship with medium aux will see a cloaked ship with low aux from around 3-5m, and a ship with low aux will see a cloaked ship with low(er) aux from around 1m. That is how it has always been.

However, an NPC's aux power setting appears to be reduced depending on how many levels lower the NPC is to you. So a lower level NPC ship is unlikely to ever detect you regardless of your distance and aux power settings.

That is how its pretty much always been and is accurate to the IP - with the exception of Star Trek Nemesis, all cloaked vessels give off tetryon emmissions and the closer they are, and the more powerful your scanners are, the more likely they'll detect a cloaked ship.

As Uhura said in ST:VI "Its got to have a tail pipe".

What is broken for the B'Rel, as I posted above, is that in several situations the whole range vs aux settings appears not to be taken into account and, besides not attacking you, the cloak is effectively not working.