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08-24-2011, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by guapos
In short, Scramble 3 is no more OP than Scramble 1 or 2. Those players in the pvp community who want Scramble 3 banned from your tourneys, should be consistent about it at least, and stop using Scramble of any level altogether.
Nah you are wrong I been scrambled alot and in my experience SS3 cancels you evasive like 50% when SS2 is way less. Yes SS2 fully speced can be as brutal as a non spec SS3, but we alrdy tried having af turney with no SS and that ment tac team all over the place, when ppl dont needed ST.

We could ban SS2 in the opvp turney and only allow SS1

But I really dont think there would be any problems if all the PvP fleets follow the simple rules of the Opvp turney

No FAW No Mines No PENG and No SS3

How stupid is it to meet another fleet that mine spam when your own do not use FAW becourse you have followed the opvp rules