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08-24-2011, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Silveressa View Post
(Seriously, did anything new get released in season 4 besides the ground combat over haul that wasn't a bug?)
*has to think hard*

- C-Store 2.0
- new Ship Requisitions UI

Starfleet Academy... a bit later.

"Base engine code merge"... which resulted in us getting a fake DirectX11 button that was removed before S4 launch... and some x4 resolution Textures.

Do difficulty slider changes (one shot instakill mob fixes?) because of shooter mode count?

- brake the Foundry

yeah... i think that sums it up.

and what they did, according to Gozer, was to run a SCRIPT through all Maps to *fix* cloaking / mask energy signature.
obviously that script FAILED

that script might even be the reason the Foundry Missions broke, wasn't that something about Text not correctly triggering events or something? Now why would they screw around with that if not for fixing cloaking devices?