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08-24-2011, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by Elkantar
the real problem of the rules of the OPVP tournament is that only 2 fleet set the rules, all other has to follow. I dont think thats the way to go when making rules.
Also the rules suite the tactics allready known by those fleets in banning counters, like FAW or SS3, or Mines etc.

Actually many that post regularly agreed to those rules even some fleets that like to SS constantly. What is fun are the ones that rely on the power and defend you do not find many of their ships in the tourney. I am of the mindset that powers that are broke, take advantage of holes in the games mechanics should not be allowed. There are a few I wished were added like the GW on top of TR and then EWP, the coding in the game is so inefficient that you actual will lose the visual graphic for 1 or 2 of the powers so you end up flying through a "cloaked" EWP gas cloud or fly to close to an invisible GW.