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08-24-2011, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
Really Tide, your experience is the argument now?

The OPVP tourney rules again... Its not the Holy Bilbe, is it?
Id really like to see the rules allow FAW and mines instead of SS.

How stupid is it to meet another fleet that SS 2 spam when your own do not use SS because you know using it makes the match no fun for both sides.

And why do not ban SS 2, if you could? Cause SS 1 is not op/broken enough to deal with the Tac Team problem?
To me this pretty much looks like arbitrariness.
There was a time some decided SS is the only way to deal with Tactical Teams. (Of course its not) Cool, I missed that but have to live with that now?
Well its just a estimate SS3 is where evasive fails alot more

In the TSI fun day no SS was allowed the result healing was insane op and almost everybody had 2 Tac Teams that was not fun.

Opvp rulez as a holy Bible well sound abit odd but I still think if we all follow them we would have more fun, in the 2 last Opvp event the rules was inplace and all who partisipated had fun and there was no complains

the rules can always be changes ofcourse if things and opinion changes