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Originally Posted by taallyn View Post
"Don't serve Romulan Ale at diplomatic dinners."

How is the active roster set up? Will all ships of the same tier have the same number of Doff slots to assign? Or will they be similar to BOs in that Cruisers will have more engineering type slots available while Science will have more science type slots?
The current plan is for the number of active space and ground slots be determined by your rank; we discussed a long time ago having your ship type affect this, but it introduces too many problems with how things are currently set up to make it practical at this time.

Originally Posted by Inquizitor View Post
I know we are thinking more long term when it comes to DH stuff but it is my understanding that there will only be the 6 main DHs plus a First officer. Would it be possible to open up some of these duty officer tags, such as Chef or Councilor, to be applied to some of our Boffs?

My thinking here is this tag would do nothing stat wise but it would influence, where someone might sit or hang out on your ship and the tag itself might be accessible via foundry or cryptic made missions.
Chefs, councilors and bartenders are currently planned to remain as duty officers rather than department heads.

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I guess everyone assumes you can see assignments even if you are not having the neccessary items at hand. But is that correct? I can imagine some coder hiding assignments you are not having the key requirements for because it looks more shiny that way.
Assignments that you do not qualify for due to reasons such as faction, rank, current sector are in fact hidden from you.

Assignments that you do not qualify for due to needing the right kind of duty officer, not enough EC or commodities, etc. will show up but with indications that you cannot currently do this assignment. If you get the necessary requirements before the assignment list regenerates (currently every four hours) then you can return to that sector and begin that assignment.

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do you have plans to use this system with any of the new fe when they start up?
We are investigating integrating duty officer assignments into many new missions. The degree to which we can do this - and exactly when - are still issues that remain a work in progress.

Originally Posted by Bohort View Post
i wouldnt mind seeing an active civilan roster which affects you replicator and maybe make some assignments appear more or less often, maybe even frighter/trade assignments to put some latnum in my pocket (nothing illigal, well not for the feds)
An active civilian roster is an interesting idea, actually. The issue with most civilian effects is that the vast majority that we have explored require new tech, including things like affecting assignment frequencies, completion speed, replicator availability, etc.

As we can make these things happen, we certainly will do such.