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08-24-2011, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by Elkantar
the real problem of the rules of the OPVP tournament is that only 2 fleet set the rules, all other has to follow. I dont think thats the way to go when making rules.
Also the rules suite the tactics allready known by those fleets in banning counters, like FAW or SS3, or Mines etc.

As long we have rules against abilitys that are not broken more then other abilitys spams or other things who are hardcounters i will never strictly follow those rules, as long as not all PVP Fleets are part of an legal and fair Rulesetting system i will not accept or follow those rules out of the Tourney.

And when i think the rules of the tourney are one sided or help some tactics more then to counter those tactics i will not be part of that turney, and the turney is not essential for me as a decent, legal, neutral and rating platform to decide which fleet is now on top or which tactic work good. In that case the tourney is nothing more then a couple of fun challenges.

Strategy and Tactic in every MMO is not set by rules of guys who ban think they dont want to face or deal with. All big Turneys of other MMO or Games dont have such many rules against abilitys or usage of it.

As long we can spam minions, ss1, ss2, there is a need for FAW and SS3 in my opinion.

FAW is not broken, as some guys think, after they nerfed it its a normal skill like others.

Spam is not broken, from abilitys or minions there is only the big lag issue.

As i said before, PVP Fleet or not PVP Fleet, every Premade use Tactics, and Tactics that counter or win against other Tactics or Setups get Nerf Crys. But when it comes to the factor to winning all Fleets are the same, they use what they have or want to use. Some Fleets go even further and want the whole thing balanced to their advantage, when those changes will come it will help them a few days, then the others will adapt and that is an endless cycle.

Im sorry, but the above post is complete BS.

First off, on the argument that the rules are to follow our needs/tactics - TSI and Qew run very opposite ideal setups. Feds vs Klings, Heavy Heals vs Light Heals, Consistant damage vs Burst damage, Damage Cruisers vs Full Aux cruisers. Very different playstyles yet you have a baseless claim saying this caters to both of our tactics.

Our team would rather have things like mines (more cover for our cloaked ships, our full aux healers can clear them + forces enemy damage cruisers to clear instead of shooting our ships) and SS III (Klings have a carrier with a near useless sci commander with SSIII as the only viable ability, as they all require positioning/arcs - also our cloaked ships will not be hit by SS, plus Birds can have sci teams easier than fed escorts in order to clear).

Unfortunately it is really really annoying for fed teams, and I can see it on those rare days we hop on feds.

The second point is that, if these cheese skills were allowed, Qew and TSI would start to use them as well and be even better than we are now.

Third, other competitive multiplayer games do restrict cheese. Servers will make competitive rules, such as limiting the # of certain classes, adding weapon restrictions, etc. Cryptic is not Blizzard when it comes to trying to balance the game. In fact, I dont think Cryptic gives PvP a look when they come up with their latest additions, and after a year we realized that (hence OPVP tournament rules).

The fact is, scramble sensors is not fun. FAW is broken and is not fun. Mines without FAW is not fun. They also take no skill to use and have no viable counters.

In the end, the dominant teams are still going to win. It will just be a lot less fun for the loser, and probably the winner as well.