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08-24-2011, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by ASH91
My character is a LT 4 and i was wondering when im able to get a new ship? and how i am able to get more ship slots? am i able to get a ship off the c store and have it no matter my level? any help is awesome thanks in advance.
You get a new ship choice at each rank increase: Lt Commander, Commander, Captain, Admiral, and Vice Admiral.

Your ship slots increase as you level. I think you can have 10 by the time you're a Vice Admiral. Most of the C-Store ships are T5, and usable when you get to the Admiral rank. There are ships you can buy at T3 with energy credits at the shipyard store. You can't really keep them into next rank, though. Each rank of ship gives more abilities then the one below. So at T3 you might buy an Excelsior cruiser at Commander but when you get to Captain you'll need to upgrade to one of the T4 ships if you want to use all the abilities your characters have.