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08-24-2011, 11:39 AM
Aux 2 Batt FTW :-D Seriously tho the cool down time on aux to batt is phenominal i could run full aux all day :-D

Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
Im sorry, but the above post is complete BS.

First off, on the argument that the rules are to follow our needs/tactics - TSI and Qew run very opposite ideal setups. Feds vs Klings, Heavy Heals vs Light Heals, Consistant damage vs Burst damage, Damage Cruisers vs Full Aux cruisers. Very different playstyles yet you have a baseless claim saying this caters to both of our tactics.

Our team would rather have things like mines (more cover for our cloaked ships, our full aux healers can clear them + forces enemy damage cruisers to clear instead of shooting our ships) and SS III (Klings have a carrier with a near useless sci commander with SSIII as the only viable ability, as they all require positioning/arcs - also our cloaked ships will not be hit by SS, plus Birds can have sci teams easier than fed escorts in order to clear).