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08-24-2011, 11:42 AM
hi mr. tide

first i have to agree with raphezir.....
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
The OPVP tourney rules again... Its not the Holy Bilbe, is it?
personally....i don't care what some guys from a known QQ channel have to say..which skills are allowed or not:p

about this.....
In the TSI fun day no SS was allowed the result healing was insane op and almost everybody had 2 Tac Teams that was not fun.
i expect you guys asking for a tac team ban for the next cloaked ambushs are easier lol

and i had to laugh about this one:
Quote: the 2 last Opvp event the rules was inplace and all who partisipated had fun and there was no complains
SERIOUSLY^^...after the final...15:1....those guys who lost complained about EXTEND SHIELDS so badly.....even about EXTEND 1..lmao
and the raging lasted for one infamous quote:

"Blah blah blah, you and everyone else knows its garbage. You knew extend shields were garbage. Yet you choose to run it"
Therefore your team is not on the cheese free list, simple as that....good day!

and in the other event one klingon player complained about scramble 1....

Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
The second point is that, if these cheese skills were allowed,.......

Third, other competitive multiplayer games do restrict cheese..
YOU are not the sto police....what you call "cheese" are only ingame skills/powers/tactics for others!