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08-24-2011, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by FurQue
The last 2 were run by QEW, and EVERYONE enjoyed them. The extend fiasco was 3 tournaments ago, the restrictions were a little too tight on that one, but to be fair, it was the first one and we all learned from it, just like we have learned from ours. The fourth one run by RisaRadio will be even better.
One thing to keep in mind: The last 2 events were pug events. True premades might find a "hole" in your rules that you have not thought about yet (or, like massive SS1+2 usage or Marauder/Varanus spam, don't consider problematic enough to ban preemptively).

Nobody was complaining about extends or warning of their possible OPness in the tournament before the tsi funday. Even when TSI had posted their DSSV+fleet escort team setup - which made an extend strategy obvious to everyone with a remote knowledge of TSI's playstyle - nobody said a thing.

Point being: You cannot anticipate everything.

And now for an anecdote: I think it was during the last KT end of season event that a federation Wizards team fought FS. One match with massive scrambling from FS, the second one without scrambles, but with lots of CPB. The CPB one wasn't easier, but much more enjoyable.