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08-24-2011, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
Im sorry, but the above post is complete BS.

First off, on the argument that the rules are to follow our needs/tactics - TSI and Qew run very opposite ideal setups. Feds vs Klings, Heavy Heals vs Light Heals, Consistant damage vs Burst damage, Damage Cruisers vs Full Aux cruisers. Very different playstyles yet you have a baseless claim saying this caters to both of our tactics.

You read the whole Post or just that about the rules?
Its a common psychological aspect that Teams tend to create rules to their advantage, also its common psychological aspect that everybody tend to avoid things they cant handle or hate.

Originally Posted by Beagles View Post

Our team would rather have things like mines (more cover for our cloaked ships, our full aux healers can clear them + forces enemy damage cruisers to clear instead of shooting our ships) and SS III (Klings have a carrier with a near useless sci commander with SSIII as the only viable ability, as they all require positioning/arcs - also our cloaked ships will not be hit by SS, plus Birds can have sci teams easier than fed escorts in order to clear).

Unfortunately it is really really annoying for fed teams, and I can see it on those rare days we hop on feds.

The second point is that, if these cheese skills were allowed, Qew and TSI would start to use them as well and be even better than we are now.
TSI is the Top Team right now, i guess maybe, but QEW is in my opinion far away from that, to be pro or a good pvp player or competive player the attitude flames are not suited to this class of players.
QEW is good, but i guess many Players are in this game even as a Team, we dont have a Ranking system and when its come to winning, i just won 2 times against TSI and that wasnt there A setup, i lost just 2 Games against QEW, and won far more then that one even with pugs but i guess that time it wasnt your A setup aswell. Winning or Loosing doesn't matter in this Game, the PVP is not decent balanced or adjusted to really see who has skills and who dont has it. Also we dont have any Judge or competive Person who rates Fleets or not. In my Opinion we have good Players out there in unnamed Fleets, we have Guys who act like wannabes because they are midhigh in their skills, and other who are cool and nice even without as good as others.

Your argument isnt an argument, cause you tend to rate yourself and TSI higher as human skillwise player then other human skillwise players, that dont work when you are true to yourself. Never underestimate your friends or enemys. Never see yourself through glasses, try to be true. Try to be cool, try to be nice and helpfull that where the best guys i met from the competetive scene in WOW, HON and other games who made their money with playing games, and i learned alot from their attitude and behaviour.

Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
Third, other competitive multiplayer games do restrict cheese. Servers will make competitive rules, such as limiting the # of certain classes, adding weapon restrictions, etc. Cryptic is not Blizzard when it comes to trying to balance the game. In fact, I dont think Cryptic gives PvP a look when they come up with their latest additions, and after a year we realized that (hence OPVP tournament rules).

The fact is, scramble sensors is not fun. FAW is broken and is not fun. Mines without FAW is not fun. They also take no skill to use and have no viable counters.

In the end, the dominant teams are still going to win. It will just be a lot less fun for the loser, and probably the winner as well.
SS is not Fun, but in every fight i fighted QEW there was atleast 2 ss1 or ss2 involved, a massive spam of minions, scorpions and mines. But i dont complain over that, i just say the hardcounter to it is FAW and SS3(mostly SS3 against the Minions). Mines can slow down hit and run tactic, like EWP.

Heal can be countered by disables of SNB, SHOCKWAVE and other skills. We dont have real broken skills in this game even when you try to say iam garbage or my posts, the true stay the true. I dont care which Ego is bigger or better, i dont care if you are better or who you are, i just play this game. Learn and try to improve. the only thing that matters is fun. In this game we will never have real competive games where we can win money around 40.000 dollar as team or more. And so its not important who is the best fleet or team, its just important how you behave, which attitude you gave, how you talk with other friends or enemys. So to take something personally even when its not directed to you is something you should think about. If the cap fits, wear it is an sentence from your native language, we have another its like the buddhism sentence: Everyone wears the shoe that fits him.
Its also Psychological

So be cool goose, we know that both of us are good players, and we know that both of us can improve so do others and will others we dont know right now.
I dont like that its possible with this turney rules to have still massive minions/lagspamm and the only counter to it is EWP right now under those rules.