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08-24-2011, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune
Where did we say we want SS3? Do you have any evidence we use SS3?

Sorry, Tide, I know you are just kidding around but what exactly are our tactics that make us different from the rest of the "real spacers"? What is it that we do, that no one else does, that make us not worthy of respect?

Could it be that it's just the fact that many think of us as just a "lolground" fleet? And when we win in space, well, then we must be cheating, abusing the system or breaking some sort of spacer code of honor? Ridiculous. And, quite frankly, I'm tired of coming to these forums to defend our Fleet for being good, whether it's space or ground. I'm sorry that no other fleet is competitive and enjoy both PvP aspects of a game. You guys choose to play half the game... fine. We are competitive at both. No other Fleet can say that.
Guapos. Elkantar and Cutter think Opvp Rules are BS thats the SS3 likers

And I give you credits for being a good space pvp fleet, but the stuff ppl say in opvp about you is not nice, you are known as a cheese fleet. I dont really like that ppl call you that imo you dont really thing you need all that cheese / Spam without you willl stil be a good space pvp fleet

And Im not saying lol ground anymore you guys rock on ground I have 4 ground toons now and love to team up with you on ground you learned me alot and im glad for that. And I hope I could learn you to be a community respected Space fleet too