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08-24-2011, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
This is what is left, when they dont bring real arguments for this distinction.

I want to hear the resons for the rule and let them face the whole community, not only some special persons discussing it; but when even those, who set the rules, prefer bashing with the sistas, I lose my hope that there will be any progress in that.
And even though I like most of them - again: not bringing arguments, lets it look like its just want the want to have.

Edit: There was a time people believed that only SS 3 is borked. People started to skill it and found out, that the other SS are too. Dont be Catholic. Change the rules.
The thing is, if you don't allow any form of scramble at all, then every man child and dog carries tac teams as sci teams become almost useless and the game just becomes retarded again.

There are two distinct reasons why SS3 got the chop.

1. SS3 is/was singled out due to it being broken (although others have already stated, ss1 and ss2 can produce similar results) "more" than the other 2.

2. It also sits in the cmdr slot, which then leaves your 2 ltc slots for the best two sci heals in the game. If you take SS2 then you are trading one of these epic heals for it, where as there's no such drawback in using SS3.

Add to that the overwhelming support of almost everyone who entered the fundays and pug days for banning SS3.

Think of it as a necessary evil, to make sci teams more useful and to stop the stuipdness of tac teams becoming unbearable.

It does need a change, I've never understood why it was an AOE skill in the first place, it should just of been a single target skill.