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08-24-2011, 03:42 PM
"I can't wait to get this interior into the Foundry so that players can make time travel missions "

This is the quote from back in March of this year
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Even if you aren't interested in having the TOS Bridge/Interior for your own ship, I'm excited about getting the assets in game and then ported over to the Foundry so that players might be able to cook up some cool Time Travel episodes

And this one...
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Well... since I am in many of these discussions, I can add my personal experience in dealing with this.

For the most part, use of existing Star Trek assets has been Ok'd so long as we have a justified reason for putting it in the game, and as others have pointed out, everyone has their own personal favorite series.

Where it actually gets the most dicey is when we start talking about the future and what should be in the future. That actually requires a lot more coordination and approval since there are both ongoing book series, ongoing movies, and ongoing story plots that we are working to both coordinate and ensure stay at the very least amicable to one another.

So at least in some ways, it is eaiser for us to use things from the past than to make new things for the future. We've had a few of our future ships sent back for revisions as we've pushed various "looks" a bit too far in concepts.

In general, even though we are in the future, we feel it is ok to add older components and ships to the game so long as most missions take place in the here and now (save for the occassional time travel mission). With that philosophy - I'm ok with letting players roleplay that they are from the past - so long as the content they are playing is in our timeline.
As another side note: It's an interesting trivia example that we had initially planned Romulus as a zone you could go to, but had to nuke it when we started coordination with the Paramount movie. So even though we are just one example of the Star Trek universe, we do work to coordinate with other efforts and stay friendly to the stories everyone is trying to tell.