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08-24-2011, 05:38 PM
the galaxy was designed to be the fleets newest do everything best, maximum range, supper exploration battleship. the previous design to hold that place was the ambassador class, and i figure this new odyssey is the next in that line. from a canon and trek science standpoint i don't think it does that great a job though, its weapons and everything else about it is undersized if its supposed to be an improvement on the galaxy class. by the looks of it, its mass is much less then the galaxy's and its phaser arrays are even shorter then the sovereign's. its lack of bulk may be explained away as a tier 1 power vs tier 1 power war time necessity, and its shrimpy weapons are just the unfortunate ignorance of the trek science behind arrays on Captain Logan's part.

it seems like more of a star cruiser variant because of all that, but whats the point of those existing anyway? it wouldn't make sense to have that many modern super huge cruisers. the enterprise F should have been one of the star cruiser and debuted a wile ago. this contest has left us with to many designs floating around with out adequate reasons for them existing.

maybe the star cruisers were designed to get themselves lost and then fly back to federation space. i can picture about a dozen or so star cruisers and deep space science vessels traveling through the bajorin worm hole and then flying back the long way, for the sake of exploring.

the ambassador/galaxy/nebula/odyssey exploration battleship type is meant to be command ships in fleets and explore the nearby frontiers without any support.

those assault cruisers like the sovereign, which are a kick down in size, power, and capability are the heavy cruisers of the fleet, and can be fairly autonomous as well, but can only do 2 out of 3 things well, or do 3 things peaty good. the sovereign and akira in particular were probably in response to growing threats like the unease of the Klingon alliance, borg, and various other escalating conflicts at the time and the woefully outdated ships that were the back bone of the fleet and served as starfleet's heavy cruisers like the excelsior.