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08-25-2011, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by Tidemand82 View Post
We could ban SS2 in the opvp turney and only allow SS1

No FAW No Mines No PENG and No SS3
O rly? And maybe we all shoud try to build our premades without any version of SS, FAW, MINEs and PENGs. But it's probably an utopia. Oh wait I've forgot that without any form of s**t top fleets would have a big problems with winning. I was rly surprised when I saw that some well known member of "legendary" QEW fleet was using FAW and few days later he said in OPVP that every member of QEW, which will be caught using FAW will be removed from the fleet. And? You guessed it - he's still QEW member. They still use MINEs and SS as everybody else. I thought if he could use FAW I can use PENGs (btw it was only dirty power / weapon I was using).
Hypocrisy is everywhere. Every fleet use tons of s**t because it's easy and I bet nothing will change.

Few days before our LF premade were fighting with some fleet premade (sry I forgot their name). These guys were so pure: no FAW, any version of SS, no PENGs and not even one single MINE. One guy from our fleet was using SS 2, other - MINEs. They lost. I felt rly sorry and ashamed. I PMd one of them. He said something like that: "We don't like these powers so we don't use them against other ppl".

Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
We have never used scopion fighters ever, havent used mines for 6 months and right now we have zero scrambles - this is actually a problem and we're trying to find a way to fit it in.
Hehe, hehe, hehe, more time ---> HEHE.......