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08-25-2011, 05:13 AM
1. Is in for Neverwinter.... it should eventually come to STO though probably during Season 5

2. Hopefully that most of the bugs have been fixed Zero and others can address the lack of C-Store items as TOS Bridge and costumes.

3. You can use precise placement by entering numbers into theZX and Y fields but it does need to be checked in a map preview to verify placement.

4. I would love more TOS era sets... but I suppose that will come eventually anyway.

5. You can mimic this out of the story tab with the use of triggers. See the various trigger tutorials on StarbaseUGC but objective branching is something that is still a long way off but will probably come eventually.

6. Actually I hadn't thought about this before but I can see the benefit of this.... probably will come some time signficantly down the track.